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    Apprentice Guide

    Work hard on basic skills and your own Hero's Journey.

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    Demonstrate mastery of the basic Acton Academy processes and show a deep respect for the genius within Eagles, parents, and other Guides.

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    Lead Guide

    Have the confidence to lead a studio and design powerful curriculum.

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    Acton Academy Owner

    You're fully prepared to launch your own Acton Academy.


APPRENTICE GUIDES are our most important hires because we only accept those who believe they are on a Hero's journey and who we believe have the DRIVE, PERSEVERANCE and TALENT to someday run their own Acton Academy.


Your promises to us,
I will :

  • Encourage every child, parent and Guide
    to discover a "calling" that will change the world.

  • Show up prepared, on time,
    every time during our eleven month calendar.

  • Stress "learning to do" and "learning to be"
    over "learning to know".

  • Never answer a question in the studio.

  • Plan to be at Acton Academy for a minimum
    of three years and provide eighteen months of
    notice so I can help find and train my replacement.

Our promises to you,
We will :

  • Support your personal Hero's Journey.

  • Offer pre-start challenges to prepare you for
    your first day in the studio.

  • Set you on a path to open your own Acton Academy.

  • Provide you weekly feedback from children and
    parents plus a full review every three months.

  • Offer a starting salary of $25,000 with up to
    $6,000 annual bonus and a path for advancing to
    become a Lead Guide and Acton Academy Owner.

Become part of a Revolution

Acton Academies are opening up across the world:


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With many launching throughout 2017 ...

“The Acton Academy mission is to inspire each person who enters our doors to find a calling that will change the world.”

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